Welcome to ProChef

NR.1 For your business

ProChef is a POS application for restaurants and coffee shops. ProChef gives a new level of control over your business.

Manage tables fast

ProChef gives the possibility to enter orders quickly and optimally. The staff can use a tablet or any other online device.

Whether customers make online reservations or manage the waitlist, you can do it all in one place with ProChef’s restaurant software.

Reservation system
Employee management

Prepare your X and Z reports,
evaluate sales performance,
manage job-based
permissions quickly and easily.

Tracking the raw goods, managing all your vendors, and purchase orders in one central account.

Inventory management
Customer loyalty programs

Loyal customers are your bread and butter. Keep them coming back with rewards, incentives, and promotions.

Driving sales, boosting brand awareness, gift cards and discounts turns new clients into returning customers.

Gift cards

What makes ProChef so different?

1. ProChef POS allows you to log in using cards, cameras, or other methods.

2. Order via QR directly from the table or the flyer.

3. Pay with cash, card, coupon, or other methods separately for the same order.

4. Add discounts by hand or use a consumer loyalty card/code.

5. Receive and manage information from external devices such a food scales.

6. Manage permissions for user groups and control the access hierarchy of your personnel.

7. Pay salary based on sales, working hours or other parameters.

8. Use discounts and sell at specific hours for promos such as lunch menu.